Sunday, 17 July 2011

whats with them then?

How odd that these two action heroes have decided to restart their careers looking exactly the same - super toned new bodies, sunglasses, the police get up, the mooshie moustache.... Whoooaaaaaa... where's the originality gone... but then perhaps thats expecting too much. Besides they are more suited for these new make-overs. Sadly they both chose to act opposite young stars who are half their age..tch tch tch.


  1. i know!!! and look at Amir these days too.. he has the same muchie! really whats with these oldies.. oh yeah and Saif too!

  2. Stop cribbing ladies! I can so see you secretly drool over these very men, onscreen! :)

  3. its the return of the Dev Anand style mucchie!!! but these guys can never be dev anand either... they cant act even half as well nor do they have that style quotient.

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